Our latest webinar discussed how TV is now more accessible than ever and how some of the latest technological advancements let you be ultra-targeted and reduce waste, how media consumption has changed and what this means for brands. We also discussed how to achieve the perfect mix of TV and Social to amplify your efforts and optimise content format depending on which channel it lives on.

We heard from the brand, agency and media owners views of what’s currently working to increase engagement and ROI.

Below is the list of our guest speakers and more on what they talked us through.

HOW TO BE MORE TARGETED AND REDUCE WASTE Cathryn Crow, Head of Performance – Sky Media

Cathryn showed how advertisers can become more outcome focused in their approach and what kinds of technology are enabling this. She shared how to put some of these techniques into practice and talked us through how Peloton has been able to achieve growth.

THE NEW RULES OF DIRECT RESPONSE – Marlon Griffin, Creative Director – FOTW

Marlon discussed the new rules of direct response. He provided some guidance and ideas on how to make sure your message lands, and how through the use of creativity you can achieve cut-through and influence action.

THE NEW PATTERNS OF CONSUMPTION Adam Shoefield, Director – Smithfield

Adam unveiled the new patterns of consumption, focused around TV and online channels, he shared predictions on what the next 3 to 6 months look like. He gave his guidance on how brands can integrate TV and other channels to amplify results.

James Henderson, Head of Marketing – AVIVA

In this section we welcomed James Henderson, Head of Marketing at Aviva, as we hear from a brand’s perspective on how they’re becoming more targeted, how they’re amplifying their TV efforts through social as well as a live Q&A session.