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MrQ's organic website traffic has increased over 32%
since going live on TV.

MrQ is a gutsy independent online casino, who approached FOTW with the desire to advertise on TV for the first time. With a solid background in purely online marketing, moving into TV and Radio was a big step for them.



  • Creative
  • Storyboarding
  • Copy/Scripting
  • Live Action Production
  • Pre- & Post-Production
  • CGI Animation/Asset Creation
  • Clearcast Management & Delivery

TV & Social deliverables


From first steps in DRTV, to big strides in Brand Response!

FOTW have a great wealth of experience working within the betting and gaming sector and within just a few months MrQ wished to ‘go large’ with a full live action BRTV campaign. And it paid dividends! From zero TV exposure to stealing market share, FOTW have helped MrQ develop their brand on TV from their first Direct Response campaign to Brand Response within 6 months. They discovered the huge benefits and ROI of being on this platform and have continued ‘always on’ for over a year, as well as, an increase of just over 32% of MrQ’s organic website traffic since going live on TV.


As we continue to raise MrQ’s brand awareness, the creative idea has enabled us to embark on a 2-3 day super shoot to capture new content that will be rolled out over 2023 to support their ‘You win some and you lose some’ campaign to continue to drive a web response and build on their no nonsense attitude.
Look out for the new TV ad in December 2022!

The online casino you’ve never heard of!

With an initial entry level budget, MrQ approached FOTW to craft a DRTV advert to get the word out. They were happy to highlight the fact that they were not that well known, yet! So, with a little self-mocking we introduced the TV audience to the ‘no nonsense casino, you’ve never heard of!’


Straight out of the gates we get the viewer to question the brand – MrQ? Mr who? And in a slight tongue-in-cheek way, that’s where we begin to land all the obvious things you’d expect from an online casino. But we also let the viewers know that this lot are doing it with a decent Trust Pilot rating to boot! Nice.


No Nonsense!

With bold 3D visuals popping and being so vibrant, we wanted a contrasting voice to really stand out. So, we found the perfect VO yin to our visual yang in Mr Joe Wilkinson. Known for his unphased attitude and incredible laid back-ness, Joe brings the superb comic timing and a very dry sense of humour. Perfectly encapsulating the brand tone and calm attitude, for MrQ’s first TV endeavour. And Joe’s unmistakable style worked brilliantly for MrQ’s digital audio campaign too.



With the great success of their first Direct Response TV venture, MrQ were excited to push the All Screen TV and digital approach even further. With a spanking new brand visual identity, MrQ were ready for more! Wanting to grow their brand even further, we set to work on creative strategy for their first Brand Response campaign. The focus being on further strengthening their brand awareness, whilst be honest about playing at an online casino.



“TV continues to have a huge impact
for our business”

Savvas Fellas, MD at MrQ

“You win some, you lose some”

MrQ wanted to get known and spread the word. Unlike competitors, MrQ have a no-nonsense attitude, they don’t hide away from the fact that playing at an online casino is not all about winning, but having a bit of fun. Yes, there are players who win big, but there is also a good chance they may lose. With a positive attitude, MrQ wanted to be honest about this. They wanted to communicate it’s the fun in playing, it’s the entertainment that counts. This gave us a great jumping off point to develop our creative strategy.


To create a direct connection with our viewers, we wanted to introduce a new brand ambassador, someone who would be able to talk to us at home. Taking a comedic and light-hearted tone, we created a quirky, calm and collected gentleman who gets to show off his skills with limited success! Set in a minimalist MrQ themed environment our hero has a good go at various challenges from a prize grabbing claw, to basketball hoops to axe throwing! He doesn’t always nail it – but he’s ok with that… because he’s there for the fun of it – This all builds to the key proposition- “You win some, you lose some!”  And we wouldn’t be doing all the hard work justice if we didn’t also create some lovely digital videos too, forming a multi-channel campaign and really getting noticed!


To maximise brand awareness, we developed social ads that sit alongside the creative perfectly. With some word wizardry, we tailored the core creative idea to work on multiple platforms, making the ‘all screen’ approach both cost and production effective.


With the excellent collaboration of High Stakes Films and the comedy directing duo of That Jam, our wonderful idea sprang to life. With an added sprinkling of sound design from Sounds Good Studios this ad is definitely a winner!



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