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How much do TV adverts costs?

There are two main costs to consider for TV adverts. The creative (FOTW making your advert) and the media (our partners helping put your advert on broadcast channels). The creative costs are dependent on your ideas and scope starting from £35k to £250k+. The media costs are charged per thousand and will vary based on how wide and targeted your reach is (regional or national), frequency of your advert, channel selection, the time of day and week you plan to show your advert. You can go on TV for a very small amount, but it is wise to invest from £50k+ per month. As a rule, advertisers tend to allocate 10-15% of their overall TV costs to pay for the creative with the majority being spent on media.

What is the purpose of TV adverts?

TV advertising is used to raise awareness (brand advertising) or to get the consumer to act and make a sale (direct response advertising). TV advertising provides scale and reach and can drive market share. All TV adverts go through a clearance process making sure claims and stats are substantiated and then approved to go on TV, so this thorough process makes it a medium that people trust.

How are TV adverts made?

There is a creative production process that all creative agencies adopt. Starting with your creative brief which outlines what you want your audience to think, feel and do we start with a creative idea and present 2 – 3 concepts with a script for the advertiser to choose. Once one concept is picked and approved, we move forward into storyboard, where we create the narrative of the advert and show frame by frame how this idea will come together. We then agree on the music track and voiceover/talent, and we move into production to either film or we create an animation and computer-generated image (CGI) of the storyboard. At FOTW our niche is CGI so we will create a black and white wireframe of the animation called a previs using software such as Cinema4D and this is to help plan the timings and camera angles of the imagery. We bring this all to life in rough cut when we add textures, lighting, and colour. Lastly, a final cut is created with final audio and colour grade. Once approved by client and we have clearance to deliver, the advert goes through a quality control process before being uploaded to channel.

Why is TV advertising effective?

TV advertising is effective due to its broad reach, the ability to target demographic groups based on the program’s audience, the visual and auditory engagement it offers, and the credibility it lends to the brand being advertised.

Does TV advertising still work?

Yes, TV advertising remains effective, particularly for building brand awareness and reaching larger, demographically targeted audiences. It works well for FOTW when integrating creative content that captures the viewer's attention and conveys a message succinctly.

How much does it cost to have an ad on TV?

The cost varies widely depending on factors such as the chosen network, time slot, and geographical reach. National network TV ads can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for a 30-second spot, whereas local TV spots can be significantly less expensive.

How do I get my business advertised on TV?

To get your business advertised on TV with Fall Off The Wall: 1. Contact Us: Reach out via our website to discuss your needs. 2. Select Your Working Style: - Full Creative: We handle everything from concept to delivery. - Collaborative: Develop ideas together and create the ad. - Production: Provide us with an approved storyboard, and we produce the ad using live-action, CGI, and motion design. 3. We guide you through our internal 3 Stage Process - from creative brief through to delivery with key milestones for your feedback and approval. 4. Compliance: We ensure your ad meets regulatory standards. 5. Modular Advertising: Update ads with new messages easily and efficiently over time.

What type of advertising is most popular?

Direct Response Television (DRTV) advertising is the most popular type. It prompts immediate responses from viewers, such as calling a number, downloading an app or visiting a website, driving direct engagement and sales.

What is the average ROI on TV ads?

The average ROI for TV ads can be significant. TV advertising has an average short-term ROI of £1.79 for every £1 spent. Over the long term (up to three years), the ROI can increase to £4.20 per £1 spent. This underscores the importance of strategic planning and continuous optimization to maximize returns.

What does DRTV stand for?

DRTV stands for Direct Response Television. It's a type of TV advertising that asks viewers to respond directly, typically through a call-to-action that includes a phone number or website. It also includes short legal text with the brand's terms and conditions for the offer they are advertising.

Can you help with both the creative concept and the production?

Yes, Fall Off The Wall offers full creative production services from concept development to final delivery, including storyboarding and executing the production with live action, CGI, and motion design.

Do you have experience in our specific industry?

Fall Off The Wall has experience across various industries including entertainment, betting & gaming, telecoms, travel and products. We have crafted advertisements for well-known brands in these sectors, and are open to working in new industry areas

What types of advertising formats do you offer?

We also work across different TV platforms like traditional TV, BVOD (Broadcaster Video On Demand), and CTV (Connected TV). We also create content for social media, cinema, digital display and radio.

Can you assist with media buying and planning?

While Fall Off The Wall focuses on the creative production of adverts, we also work with media partners to assist in placing adverts on broadcast channels. They assist with planning, media buying and reporting.

Can you target specific demographics?

Yes, with the support of our media partners, the media costs and planning consider targeted approaches, which are influenced by channel selection, time of day, and the specific demographics of the audience, ensuring tailored advertising reach.

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