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How much do TV adverts costs?

There are two main costs to consider for TV adverts. The creative (FOTW making your advert) and the media (our partners helping put your advert on broadcast channels). The creative costs are dependent on your ideas and scope starting from £35k to £250k+. The media costs are charged per thousand and will vary based on how wide and targeted your reach is (regional or national), frequency of your advert, channel selection, the time of day and week you plan to show your advert. You can go on TV for a very small amount, but it is wise to invest from £50k+ per month. As a rule, advertisers tend to allocate 10-15% of their overall TV costs to pay for the creative with the majority being spent on media.

What is the purpose of TV adverts?

TV advertising is used to raise awareness (brand advertising) or to get the consumer to act and make a sale (direct response advertising). TV advertising provides scale and reach and can drive market share. All TV adverts go through a clearance process making sure claims and stats are substantiated and then approved to go on TV, so this thorough process makes it a medium that people trust.

How are TV adverts made?

There is a creative production process that all creative agencies adopt. Starting with your creative brief which outlines what you want your audience to think, feel and do we start with a creative idea and present 2 – 3 concepts with a script for the advertiser to choose. Once one concept is picked and approved, we move forward into storyboard, where we create the narrative of the advert and show frame by frame how this idea will come together. We then agree on the music track and voiceover/talent, and we move into production to either film or we create an animation and computer-generated image (CGI) of the storyboard. At FOTW our niche is CGI so we will create a black and white wireframe of the animation called a previs using software such as Cinema4D and this is to help plan the timings and camera angles of the imagery. We bring this all to life in rough cut when we add textures, lighting, and colour. Lastly, a final cut is created with final audio and colour grade. Once approved by client and we have clearance to deliver, the advert goes through a quality control process before being uploaded to channel.

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