New Brand Positioning bringing to life the company mission

Giving Back

Kit & Kin provide a range of baby care products that are environmentally friendly while providing gentle, natural ingredients for both Mother and baby.

The brief

To increase brand awareness and communicate across social media the purpose behind Kit & Kin to ‘create everyday, eco-friendly products for Mother and baby’.

The BIG idea

A deep strategic dive into the audience, brand and products allowed us to position Kit & Kin as a leader in the eco friendly mother and baby sector. Using a combination of live-action and animation, we communicated Kit & Kin’s passion for positive change across social media and e-commerce platforms.

The response

“Using their highly creative flair and expertise in production to fulfill every aspect of the brief, FOTW delivered effectiveness and relevance across all media channels” Chris Money – Co-Founder & MD.

Production breakdown


Sky Ireland

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