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We'll get your ads to air without the headache

Every TV ad needs to meet the regulations set by The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). They have the power to remove any advert that breaks the rules. Clearcast is the main service used by TV networks to approve adverts that comply with the ASA guidelines before being broadcast. With over 20 years of experience working with Clearcast, we’ll get your advert on-air as quickly and smoothly as possible.



We push boundaries but we also play by the rules. Whether we’re working on your project from scratch, or you would like us to clear an advert written or produced elsewhere, we’re trained and qualified to offer advice on your scripts and substantiation to back up your claims. We upload scripts and clocks daily in line with the rules and regulations set out in the BCAP and CAP codes. Once approved, our in-house QC team will make sure it’s on point, and then work with Adstream to deliver your ad to any station globally.


Advice & Research for Claims

With over 2 decades of know-how, we’re pros at advising on your claims. We can work closely with your legal and compliance teams to agree on substantiations early.

Making it Clearcast Proof

We upload scripts, rough edits and clocks daily and are specialists in advising on the rules and regulations of the UK Codes of Advertising. So, when it comes to getting through Clearcast, with us your ads in the all-clear.

Delivery to Channel

Once approved, we deliver your ad to any station using Adstream. This will include an in-house Q.C of your clock for upload to Adstream, management of the order and copy instructions via Caria or directly with channels. We have tight communication with channels to confirm your clocks have been received and your ads are playing on the right screens to work their magic.