Case Study – Anti Bullying Week Animation

Mar 22, 2020 / Case Studies / FOTW

You were there when…

The creative team at FOTW set to work on creating an emotionally engaging animation to help raise awareness for Anti-Bullying week and incentivise others to promote change.

The Insight

Whether it’s verbal, physical, online or in-person, bullying has a significant impact on a child’s life and well into adulthood. Research shows that 80% of children don’t stand up to the bullying of others, as they worry about being targeted themselves.
The research demonstrates that more support and encouragement is needed amongst children andpeer groups alike to stand up for others and make small, simple changes to break the silence.

The Strategy

We wanted to create a simple animation that would instil empathy in the viewer as they watch the situation unfolding. The creative needed to engage and incentivise the viewer to make a change and support the cause by following the #antibullyingweek campaign online. It needed to encourage small changes to take place in schools and businesses to stamp out bullying and stand up for their peers.

The Big Idea

The idea focused on playing with perspectives. While we naturally assume that the narrative is directed towards the bully – alluding to ‘being there’ during every physical or emotional attack – we soon realise that the focus is actually on the individuals who are aware of what’s happening but choose not to speak up. The narrative twist is used to spark surprise within the viewer and make the animation all the more memorable.

Working as a collective

A collective responsibility is what is needed to prevent bullying from becoming an isolated problem. It’s happening in our playgrounds, in our classrooms, on journeys to and from school, and online. From educators, parents, and young people themselves, to government, tech companies, influencers and the media: no one group has the answer. As an agency we promoted our animation across social media, using the relevant hashtags to spread the message and encourage engagement. The video received the most shares and click-throughs across LinkedIn out of all the channels it was promoted on, and we feel our idea has longevity for us to keep sharing the message and promoting change.

The ‘Change Starts with Us’ project used findings and research from the campaign to put together key recommendations for stamping out bullying – you can read the report here.


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