Maximise your advertising budget using CGI content

Sep 13, 2022 / Industry Insights / FOTW

Right now, marketing budgets are tighter than ever, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your creative. CGI is a cost-effective way to create exciting content featuring your products, allowing photo-realistic, accurate visuals to be created. At FOTW, we’re able to build, light, texture and animate in our in-house studio to make the unfilmable, filmable.

These assets can be reused across multiple channels, to bring your products to life without the costs associated with filming on location. There are literally endless possibilities to what can be achieved, to create impressive brand visuals that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Our team have been working on a series of internal projects featuring some well-loved brands to experiment with what can be achieved with CGI. Here’s what they’ve been up to, let us know which one is your favourite!

Nike Dunk

Our team knocked it out of the park with this stunning render of the classic Nike Dunk. Using a mix of metallic textures and fibreoptic brilliance, we wanted to celebrate the shoe and thrust it into a sci-fi world. The shoe was created using Cinema 4d and rendered using Octane.

The shoe was created using Cinema 4d and rendered using Octane.


Created as part of our No Retreat, No SuRENDER project our team came up with this fully CG OREO, created in Cinema 4d with post editing done in After Effects. We wanted to try something new and create this tasty treat, created around the current OREO Stay Playful campaign…Mmmm makes you feel like you could reach into your screen and eat it!!

Bentley watch

We chose to create this beautiful Bentley inspired watch; an object that is an incredibly detailed force of engineering and posed a bit of a design challenge for the team.

The watch features Bentley’s renowned luxury, precision and craftsmanship combining matt black with metallic gold textures, as well as user friendly additions such as the light sensitive glow around the face.

Google Pixel Buds

We used native Cinema 4d tools to model, rig and animate these funky Google Pixel Buds and dancing ears, Redshift 3D to render and After Effects for post editing and colour correction.

Samsung TV Plus

We recreated a life like house environment to get across the Samsung TV Plus app, which is available on Samsung’s smart TV’s. With this creative brief we felt the best approach would be a 3D animation solution. This would be cost effective, giving us complete control over every aspect in each scene as well as future proofing the advert for updates of newer content.

We built a series of stylish 3D environments and a variety of Samsung TVs & devices all in Cinema 4D.

Why should my brand be using CGI content?

CGI asset creation is perfect for pack shots, explainer and how-to videos, social media content as well as digital TVCs. We’re able to bring your product to life and create assets that can be reused for image or video content. With the latest developments in software, you can’t tell the difference between real life and CGI anymore! Plus, you can reuse assets across multiple channels – we don’t just create CGI for TV, we take an all-screen approach that allows you to use the assets we produce to reach your customers on every channel they show up on.

Using CGI also means you’re no longer constrained by the physical environment, and is ideal if the product hasn’t been manufactured yet. You can have your product shown off in any location, in any weather and from any angle; beyond what is usually possible in a physical shoot.

Check out more of our CGI work in our product reel:

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