Why brands must shift gears with their marketing

Aug 24, 2022 / Industry Insights / FOTW

Agility has been a buzzword since before the pandemic, but now more than ever brands need to be thinking about how they can streamline their process and get products and campaigns to market faster.

With budgets being cut and increased pressure on businesses to attract new customers and retain them, the job of a marketeer is becoming more challenging by the day. So, true agility and speed to market is what’s going to give businesses the competitive edge during these challenging times, but how can this be achieved? We outline the principles needed to create real speed in marketing processes.

Making speed second nature

Whether you work with an agency or have an in-house team, often the creative and production process will be sluggish at best. There are often several reasons for that – over convoluted processes or a demand for resource can play a part, but when you are working against your competitors to launch products or get messaging out quicker than they do, speed to market – whatever the channel – is crucial.

We’re not advocating that brands rush the creative process but thinking about production in a modular way and taking an all-screen approach can really help to streamline the production process and create multiple assets with less fuss. Imagine having one agency that delivers your creative production for every channel it appears on and all in one go? That’s what we can make a reality – and not only does it create consistency, but it makes everyone’s lives much easier too.

Flexibility beyond your years

Just like yoga can keep older bodies feeling young and nimble, the right processes and approach to creativity and production can keep your marketing agile enough to maximise results. We see far too many agencies and businesses that can no longer touch their toes, which makes their marketing slow and predictable – it also means that if a campaign isn’t seeing results, they are too slow to adapt and plough on without a test, learn, and adapt approach.

Without flexibility you’ll never maximise your ROI. Much like the way delivering at speed can give you a competitive edge, being able to adapt your creative or messaging quickly to achieve more cut through will help you get ahead. That’s why we build all our creative and campaigns in a modular way, so if a particular message or component isn’t landing, we can change it quickly with minimal fuss.

Efficiencies at every stage

It seems obvious that being efficient is important, but this isn’t second nature in the marketing and advertising world. Often, we see money and time being wasted on multiple agencies and teams creating different assets for different channels all working in isolation. Taking an all-screen approach seems like a no brainer, but still brands and businesses aren’t adopting this methodology.

As we mentioned, we think of our creative and production like building blocks – the modular way we approach things means that we can utilise assets across all screens. And we don’t mean repurposing, which is often what a lot of brands and businesses do. We really focus on the channel and use the creative building blocks to produce the best possible outcome for an audience wherever they show up.

Always keeping an eye on quality

You might think that being fast, flexible, and efficient means there will be a drop in the quality of outputs.  With the right approach, you can streamline your creative process to make things happen much quicker without wasting time and money. Admittedly we have experience on our side and that’s why we can create the quality of work at mass and at speed, but settling for anything less just because ‘it’s the way we’ve always done it’ just won’t cut it for brands or agencies through the challenging times ahead.

If you want to get ahead of your competitors and find out more about how we can help your businesses inject speed, flexibility, efficiency and quality into your creative production, If so, give us a call on 01582 881144 or drop us a line at hello@falloffthewall.com. We’d love to chat.