5 Top Tips for Compliance in Online Gaming TV Advertising

Apr 18, 2020 / Betting and Gaming / FOTW

FOTW are a Direct Response (DRTV) Creative Agency and we have worked in the online gaming industry for over 10 years. We have seen the sector change and have overcome challenges in how we communicate a socially responsible creative to one of our most popular online bookmakers’ customers. We have tried and tested compliance knowledge and our team of professionals have the formula to get adverts delivered on time and to the right standard. So here are our 5 quick-fire tips for online gaming TV advertising compliance…

1. Northern Ireland rules

If you are advertising in Northern Ireland, know the rules! Northern Ireland regulation states that for consumers to get any kind of prize or cash winnings in gaming, it must be completely free to enter – meaning ‘no deposits required’

2. Keep your concept responsible!

Don’t show anti-social behaviour or a behaviour that could lead to financial, social or emotional harm. This includes showing online gaming to solve financial or personal problems

3. Don’t be too text heavy

With gambling TV ads there is usually a lot of legal text (supers) required, meaning you should avoid too much on screen text to make sure your ad passes Clearcast’s legal timings

4. Not in the workplace

It is important that online gaming activities are not seen in a working environment, as this appears to condone excessive or uncontrollable habits

5. Check your talent!

Make sure that anyone who is featured in the ad is over the age of 25 and looks over this age too! We would aim for actors to look at least over 30 years old to pass compliance

Online Gaming brands can very quickly reap the rewards of generating new customers with the right advertising campaign – one that creatively cuts-through whilst crucially following gambling regulations. Stay tuned for more content around the Online Gaming sector, and if you haven’t already – have a read of our Non-Exec Rob Painter’s post around ‘Betting on the Results’.

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