Behind the [screens]

Jul 13, 2020 / Industry Insights / FOTW

Welcome to the first in a series of ‘Behind the [screens]’. An intro to our super talented team here @FOTW and a little bit about them and what life looks like in lock down. Nick Bishop, one of our motion designers is first to share his thoughts…

Name: Nick Bishop (Motion designer @FOTW)
Working for FOTW since: 21.03.2017


What’s your favourite piece of work to date?

As a bit of a DC superhero nerd, I would probably say our Lego Batman commercial we worked on for Sky Fibre.

What made you decide to get involved in the creative industry?

I’d always loved creative subjects and making things since a young age, drawing/arts and crafts etc. But it was around secondary school time I began to experiment more through computers and digital arts. This gradually led to discovering Motion Design and how it brings these creative strengths and passions of mine into one discipline.

How has COVID changed the way you work?

I certainly miss the culture and atmosphere with the team in the studio. But all our channels of communication means plenty of contact time and working on projects has remained efficient and collaborative.

Personally I’ve enjoyed working from home in many ways, mainly due to getting more rest and gaining 3 hours back a day from not commuting has definitely improved my energy, focus and productivity.

Any advice for the next generation of creative/motion designer?

Try and absorb as much influence and information about the subject matter as you can. This will help with your technical and creative thinking skills. I’ve found it’s also beneficial to try to keep a personal project that you enjoy working on. This will ensure you are constantly pushing and refining your skills, while also having something consistent and fun to work on.

What makes FOTW stand out to you?

For me it’s always been the culture and the people that FOTW attracts. The team is made up of very talented, supportive and genuine individuals that makes working with these people so fulfilling.

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