Case Study – Sky Betting and Gaming

Feb 1, 2022 / Betting and Gaming / FOTW

What was the background behind the project?

FOTW were creative partner to Sky Betting and Gaming (SBG), playing a key role in the internal creative direction of the Stelling Towers Super 6 TV adverts. With FOTW’s ability in story telling, production and filming (alongside Partners KODE), two polished and effective TV commercials featuring Jeff Stelling from previous SBG Super 6 adverts and Sky Sports Soccer Saturday were delivered.

What expertise did FOTW provide?

Partnering alongside SBG, FOTW built the initial creative into more expressive stories. Using carefully constructed storyboards the narrative was effectively brought to life, whilst ensuring the commercials produced still remained within the duration of 30 & 10 seconds, and most importantly, still spoke directly to the audience they were intending to drive a response from. Organising the production from start to finish, we held the reigns throughout. Crafting the edit in house along with all the post production requirements, FOTW also managed the grade and audio – constantly ensuring the level of polish matched SBG’s high expectations before delivering successfully to channel, keeping to the scheduled delivery date.


Most exciting aspect of the project?

FOTW found one of the most exciting aspects was being able to use a ‘fly on the wall’ documentary-type style of filming. The director (Sam Washington) captured the vision perfectly getting a very cheeky and humorous collection of clips that followed Jeff documenting his ‘loss of wealth’ since the last Super 6 giveaway. The art department pushed the boundaries by creating an array of elaborate gold items, including a set of golf clubs and trinkets to a mountain of presents – full to the rafters and complete with a roaring fire to best achieve that decadent feeling. This style really helped to re-create ‘The Office’ vibe used for inspiration, working wonderfully with actors’ grimaces and cheeky looks of despair at Jeff hiding his wealth.

What was the most challenging aspect of the project?

Definitely finding the right location! FOTW needed to find somewhere grand enough to pass as a mansion ‘fit’ for Jeff Stelling, but also suitable enough to host the logistics of filming whilst being believable in achieving the look of ‘riches to rags’ theme behind the creative storytelling. A country house with bundles of character, full of history and interesting quirks was settled on, beautifully fitting the brief. Having two x 30” and two x 10” amount of content to get filmed in one day was always going to be a lot to capture. To help, FOTW kept the photography in separate rooms that weren’t getting used for filming ensuring all content was captured within the tight schedule.

Finally, due to the nature of the filming, what was planned on paper when shot in situ sometimes didn’t quite give the results required. This resulted in a lot of ‘freestyle’ shooting but as ever, all parties quickly adapted to being ever responsive and flexible, ensuring all footage needed was captured, allowing the final edits to absolutely deliver the brief.

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