How all-screen advertising can take your brand to the next level

Feb 3, 2022 / Industry Insights / FOTW

This article was written by Fall Off The Wall

The number of marketing channels being utilised by brands has grown 3x since 2016, according to Analytic Partners’ ‘The Advertising Evolution’ report. Not exactly a surprise, but it does present several challenges in terms of where to invest your advertising spend to maximise ROI.

And it’s not just the number of channels that makes it difficult to stand out – as these channels continue to get noisier, competition is fierce and getting cut-through has become more difficult than ever.

But hey, we’re not ones to shy away from a challenge – at Fall Off The Wall we’re all about providing solutions and using our expertise to guide brands and businesses with the right approach.


Why backing video is a safe bet

We’re video experts and make no apologies for being biased towards this medium – but seriously, it won’t take you long to find a swathe of stats online to back up why video is a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. The Analytics Partners report also found that ‘Video has 2x the half-life of non-video advertising and video impacts are 160% higher in subsequent weeks after airing (versus non-video advertising).

Although video can generate impressive results, it’s the right type of video that will really help your brand connect with customers. It’s not just the medium that will work hard for you – you need the right creative idea to really start reaping the rewards. That’s where partners come in. Investing in video that will really resonate with your audience and get them to react is money well spent. Otherwise, it’s just another advert that will be skipped, scrolled past or forgotten.


What channel gets the best results?

Ah ha, the million-dollar question. And no, we don’t have a straightforward answer (anyone that says they do,
is probably telling porkies). That’s because it really depends on your brand, what it is you’re advertising and where your audience lives. That’s exactly why we take an ‘all-screen’ approach. So, what does that mean?
Let’s start with a couple of stats.

As reported by Thinkbox, ‘TV reaches approximately 70.1% of Europe’s population daily and average daily viewing time is 3hrs 39mins. It is the unique combination of this reach together with the huge volume of time spent watching TV that makes it such a powerful form of advertising.’ It’s safe to say that TV advertising should still form an important element of your media mix. And here’s the thing – a common misconception is that TV is only for the very biggest brands and is stupidly expensive.

While we do work with some household brands, we’ve also helped lots of scale-ups get on TV – it really is easier than you think, especially when you partner with someone that can handle the end-to-end process for you.

And then there’s digital. Online marketing has been growing rapidly over the last decade but has massively accelerated during the pandemic. As Econsultancy highlighted, ‘new research from WARC Data suggests Amazon, Meta and Alphabet could account for half of a potential $1 trillion advertising market by 2025.’

There’s no doubt that neglecting digital as a channel will be your downfall. And when it comes to developing creative campaigns, that’s exactly why we don’t just work with one screen in mind – it’s about considering all screens from the get-go.


All-screen advertising

How often do you sit watching your TV and scrolling on another screen such as your phone?  Most people do! According to data from Thinkbox, around 75% of us are second screening for around 40 minutes a day.

But it’s not just about the habit that has made us focus on taking this all-screen approach – it’s the understanding that campaigns need to meet potential customers or users in many different places,
all with a coherent and consistent look, feel and message, which has led us to coin this term.

Our definition of all-screen advertising encompasses the need to join up TV and digital advertising.
Through creative campaigns that can span traditional, digital, and social channels to create maximum reach
and impact, we not only help to drive results – it also helps to create a huge uplift in brand recall. Not only that, but taking this approach from the outset means that assets will be created in a modular way and can be repurposed to make your creative budgets go further.


It won’t mean a thing, if it don’t have that ZING!

Creating video is one thing – creating a video that connects with audiences and motivates them to act is another. That’s what we believe is our differentiator and has helped us deliver beyond client’s expectations time and time again. You only have to look at the lifespan of our client relationships to know that our ZING is what keeps customers, and subsequently our clients, keep coming back for more.

If you’re ready to apply an all-screen advertising approach with added ZING to power your marketing,
speak to us today.


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