Get the most out of your next TV campaign using Direct Response

Oct 2, 2020 / Industry Insights / FOTW

Let’s face it, there’s a staggering number of ways to engage with our customers at the moment. As content becomes more accessible, the list of options continues to grow. We’re bombarded left, right and centre with different messages to digest, too many to be able to react to all of them. So as the advertising space becomes noisier and marketers are forced to become smarter, why is TV still such a hit, and how can direct response techniques be used to cut-through this noise?

So, what is direct response and how is it used in TV advertising?

Simply put, direct response is a marketing technique that’s used to drive specific actions – whether that’s buying a product, entering a competition or calling a number. This normally will focus on an individual product, and have a powerful message combined with a well crafted creative story.

DRTV (Direct response TV) techniques are used to get results, delivering you a clear return on investment. The rise of ‘second-screening’ on mobile phones means consumers are able to engage and take action in real time, and it’s extremely common for viewers to do so.

Why is TV still such a relevant advertising channel?

Above everything else, FOTW crave stories. We want to feel moved. We want to smile, laugh, cry and connect with something that makes us feel human. Ultimately, TV creates these emotions that people seek out and want to engage with.

TV is also continuing to evolve to keep up with our modern day watching habits, with the rise of Netflix and other on-demand services now household staples. So of course, the way we advertise on TV has evolved along with these habits, with many brands opting for a more flexible, “multichannel” approach to content.

TV will always hold strong as the backbone of many big brands’ marketing activities, but it’s now more important to consider how we echo the powerful messaging and story across digital and social platforms too.

How can I get started with direct response TV advertising?

We know that getting the balance right between time-efficiency, costs and creativity is hard work when it comes to proving the ROI of your marketing efforts. But with the right plan, creativity, and some smart decision-making, just about any business can benefit from TV advertising and its powerful potential to tell engaging stories that inspire action.

So how do you get the most out of your next TV advertising campaign? How do you create meaningful, empowering work that generates a response from your audience? We’ve created this 10 point Best Practice Guide to DRTV to help you map the way.

Author - Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Fall Off The Wall, a forward-thinking TV advertising & creative production agency in the UK. Jamie Smith is an experienced Creative Director with a demonstrated history of working in the DRTV marketing and advertising industry.