TOP tips for a smooth Clearcast approval at Christmas

Oct 15, 2020 / Tips and Advice / FOTW

This article was written by Laice Gregory.
Lead Producer @ FOTW

As the seasons change the need and want to be on TV also changes. You’ll see an increase in Clearcast submissions for big events like Black Friday, Easter, Summer holidays, Jan sale and of course CHRISTMAS!

Here’s our top tips that we follow every year…

Be prepared

Be ready and be clear. Have your script and substantiation documents ready to upload TOGETHER and as early as possible. During Christmas the time for feedback/ approval is usually more along the 5 day mark – By uploading together you are giving yourself a better chance of getting approval first time round without the need for Clearcast to request any evidence/ additional information. Of course getting approval on the first round is always a rarity but at least you’ll be ahead of the game.

Know when to chase

I know it’s urgent and a lot is at stake but try not to hound the copy executives too much – they too are working as quick as they can. Know when to chase (e.g. when it gets to 3-5 day SLA). Why not try status emails with your copy exec at the start of the week listing out your submissions in priority order for the week with submission numbers and date of uploads. This is something we do regularly throughout the year when we have a multitude of submissions going through – This way your exec knows what is most pressing and gives them a list to work through that best suits you and your deadlines.

Be proactive

Always be on the front foot, if there is a claim that’s making you uneasy, or you think Clearcast will come back on – do your research, speak to clients, get plans in place for if Clearcast need/or request that information. The more proactive you are the quicker you can go back to Clearcast with your response which puts you back on the list. The longer you wait the longer the list for the executive gets.

We hope this short and snappy guide helps your in your lead up to Christmas! If you like what you see please get in contact for additional advice on getting your project approved for TV.

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