How you can make your brand ZING in 2022

Feb 3, 2022 / Industry Insights / FOTW

This article was written by Fall Off The Wall

Markets have been disrupted, consumer behavior has changed, and marketing channels have become nosier than ever – let’s face it, the pandemic has sent a global shockwave that has affected us all as individuals, families, businesses, and a society. We’ve all had time to consider our priorities and it will have a lasting impact on the world. But hey, enough of the philosophising – we know why you’ve really come here.

Whether you’re a marketer or someone trying to sell a product or service, you know all the above has made it harder than ever for your brand to stand out. There are more channels to consider, more expectations from your customers and a fierce battle for their attention.  You’ll probably have thrown words like ‘purpose’, ‘sustainability’ and ‘transformation’ around the board room, looking at new ways to attract audiences, but there’s one word you won’t have considered, and we think it’s the very thing that might help give you that competitive edge.



Introducing, ZING

While others spent lockdown hosting soirées with cheese and wine, we were hard at work trying to boil down to the very essence of what we do here at FOTW that will help brands make a real impact in 2022 and beyond. That secret ingredient that only we can provide, which will connect businesses with the right audiences and inspire them to act. What was the result? Well, we can sum it up in a single word…



The power of ZING

It’s the ZING in our work ethic, our creativity and our delivery that has allowed us to achieve some incredible results for brands – even if we do say so ourselves. Bringing ZING to any screen is how we attract and build engagement with audiences and help businesses achieve their goals. It’s more than just a word, it’s an ethos and a differentiator. ZING sets us apart from other agencies and will set you brand apart from your competitors. Using our extensive experience of delivering campaigns that combine TV and digital we create a true ‘All Screen’ approach to creative campaigns to maximise their cut-through. This gives added value optimising the rich assets giving optimum reach of your message. We can help power your marketing to generate more sales.

Of course, achieving maximum ROI is also important. Our approach to creating modular assets that can be repurposed across campaigns to make your investment go further is how we can bring a little ZING to your budgets too. From the very start we are developing our creative and building assets in a unique & special way – pressure testing them across all channels – so that they are optimised for all screens providing consistency across the breadth of the campaign. If you want to know more about the ZING we’ve already delivered, you can check out some of our latest case studies here.


Bringing Zing to all screens

Now you understand what ZING is, let’s talk a little about where we apply it for the greatest impact. We know that the digital shift has accelerated throughout the pandemic, but traditional marketing channels are still seeing impressive results in terms of reaching audiences. “But what channel is best?” We hear you cry. Good question! The way you will really start to see a better results with campaigns, is when you combine them. Having a joined-up approach across all screens is the key to unlocking maximum impact.

As we discuss in our article ‘The rise of second screening’, digital is not the enemy of TV – the two can work in perfect harmony, transferring the story from screen to screen. According to data from Thinkbox, around 75% of us are second screening for around 40 minutes a day. Thinkbox also showed that 69% of website visits are generated by paid media, but 47% of that 69% are generated by paid TV media. As experts in creating high quality video for TV, DR, BR, CGI and Digital with real creative flare, we understand this marriage and can inspire audiences to react and act via campaigns that span both channels.


Let us bring some ZING to you

If you’re looking to make a real impact and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns in 2022, it’s time to add some ZING to your TV and digital advertising. And with our creative solutions also incorporating TV admin, we can deliver a full service from brief to delivery – leaving you to take all the credit with minimal effort. We don’t mind, that’s what we’re here to do – make you, your business and your offering look better than the rest.

We’re ready to bring ZING to more screens, are you?

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