TV Advertising Guides — Everything You Need To Know About Advertising On TV

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TV advertising is one of the oldest forms of marketing out there today and one of the most resilient. Despite the countless threats of “cord cutters”, TV advertising has held on as a powerful marketing tool, so it’s no wonder that companies all over the world still want to utilise it.

Whether you’re new to TV advertising or keen on learning more about this brilliant marketing channel, we’ve got you covered. Here, you’ll be able to find all our articles and guides that will help you learn more about the wonderful world of TV advertising!

The Rise of “Second Screening”

Around 75% of people “second-screen” for about 40 minutes a day, watching TV and using mobile devices at the same time. Learn how your company can use this opportunity with some insider tips that we’ve shared in this helpful article.

Discover how your company can utilise second screening here

Tips for Online Gaming TV Advertising Compliance

Are you an online gaming company seeking to increase brand response via TV advertising? In this article, we share our top tips for gaining TV advertising compliance more easily, backed by our years of experience in the TV advertising space.

Learn how to easily gain compliance for online gaming TV ads here

Get the Most Out of Your Next Campaign With Direct Response

Have you been looking into utilising TV advertising as a marketing medium but don’t know where to start? Try pushing a Direct Response TV (DRTV) advertising campaign — and learn DRTV’s effectiveness through this article.

Find out how to boost campaign effectiveness using DRTV ads here

How to Measure TV Ads Reach

TV may be an age-old medium, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t an effective one. Find out how to measure the reach of your next TV ad campaign with our through guide.

Learn how to measure the reach of your TV ad campaign here

The Landscape of Online Gaming Ads on TV

The TV advertising space is always changing, and in most cases, that tends to affect what companies can and can’t advertise on TV. In this article, we go through the current landscape of advertising online gaming companies on TV and what your company should do to stand out.

Explore the current landscape of online gaming TV advertising here

Every TV Advertising Term You Should Know

AVOD, BARB, BRTV, CTV, DRTV, VO, VFX — the TV advertising industry loves their abbreviations. But what do they mean? We go through each and every term used in the TV ad space in this handy article so that you’re well-equipped to understand the ins and outs of the industry!

Discover the most common TV advertising terms here

What Makes a Good TV Commercial

Ever wondered why some TV ads work better than others? In this article, we take a look at some of the key aspects of what makes a great TV commercial…well…great!

Learn the secret sauce to making a great TV advert here

Ways to Beat TV Ad Price Inflation

The price of a TV ad spot seems to be going up and up, with no end in sight. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with our tips on beating this inflation and maximising your TV advertising budget.

Find out how you can beat TV ad price inflation here

How TV Advertising Has Evolved

TV advertising has been a resilient marketing platform despite changing technologies and “cord cutter” threats. Find out how this incredibly successful medium has evolved over the years.

Explore how TV advertising has evolved here

The Best Examples of TV Advertising

Sometimes there’s nothing better than getting inspired by the greats, especially when you’re stuck for creative ideas. Well, when it comes to TV advertising, it’s no different. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best examples of TV advertising to help get your creative juices flowing.

Get inspired by the best examples of TV advertising here

What Is Addressable TV?

Addressable TV is a relatively modern term used in the television industry. But what does it mean, and how can companies utilise it to boost the results of their marketing campaign? We give you everything you need to know in our helpful article.

Find out everything you need to know about addressable TV here

How Much Do TV Ads Cost in 2022?

Keen on advertising on TV but not sure how much you should set aside from your brand’s marketing budget? We discuss what you should expect with our comprehensive guide on TV advertising costs.

Learn the average price of a TV ad here

Television Clearance in the UK

Regulators in the UK are some of the strictest in the world when it comes to approving TV ads. Find out exactly how television clearance works in the UK and learn how you can increase the chances of your advert getting cleared by Clearcast in our article.

Discover all you need to know about UK TV ad clearance here

How Do Targeted TV Ads Work?

For the longest time, TV advertising was thought of as a way to advertise to a wider audience. This is no longer the case. Learn all about how targeted TV advertising works and how you can utilise it for your brand’s next marketing campaign with our article.

Explore the technology behind targeted TV advertising here

What Are Linear TV Ads & How Do They Work?

One term that you might have heard while looking into TV advertising is “linear TV ads”. What is it exactly? And how do they work? Our comprehensive article explains what you need to know about linear TV advertising.

Learn all about linear TV advertising here

Connected TV Ads (CTV): What Is It & How It Works

Thanks to the onset of Connected TV (CTV), advertisers can now narrow down the target audience of their ads. But what is CTV and how does it allow advertisers to broadcast targeted TV adverts? Learn everything you need to know in our article.

Discover everything there is to know about Connected TV advertising here

Is TV Advertising Working in 2022?

“TV advertising is dead!” shout the naysayers. We would beg to differ. Learn how TV advertising has maintained its resilience and is still a powerful marketing tool to wield in this day and age.

Find out if TV advertising is still a worthwhile investment here

Here’s How to Write a Good TV Commercial Script

Are you kicking off your scriptwriting journey within the TV advertising industry? Be sure to start off on the right foot and get it right from the get-go with our helpful guide to writing a TV commercial script.

Learn how to write a good TV ad script here

Why TV Marketing Is Still Relevant in 2021

Time and time again, TV advertising has proven its relevancy despite us living in the “online age”. Find out how and why TV marketing is still a powerful marketing medium with our article.

Discover why TV marketing is still relevant here

The Different Types of TV Ads Explained

Comparisons, before-and-after and the analogy — these are some of the different types of TV ads companies and brands can utilise for their next marketing campaign. This article goes into each type of commercial, so you know which is the right one for your brand’s next TV ad campaign.

Explore all the different types of TV ads here

How Do We Feature Your Favourite Film Characters in Our TV Ads?

Ever wondered how advertisements feature popular film characters? We go into detail about how we do just that in this article.

Find out how we feature your favourite film characters in our TV ads here

Why Brands Must Shift Gears With Their Marketing

The marketing space is constantly changing and evolving, and it’s important for brand marketers to keep their fingers on the pulse. In this article, we talk about why companies need to change the way that they market their brands (and how!).

Learn why brands must change their marketing tactics here

Trends in TV Advertising for 2022

As a TV advertising agency, we make it a point to keep an eye on the latest trends within the advertising space. And we’ve decided to share those insights with you with this handy guide on the latest trends in TV advertising.

Discover the latest TV advertising trends here